Vermicompost - 1.5 kgs
Vermicompost - 1.5 kgs

Vermicompost - 1.5 kgs

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Vermicompost is the best organic fertilizer & soil conditioner that can be used for all plants. It is the product of the decomposition of organic waste by earthworms. It contains water-soluble nutrients, thus whenever the soil gets watered, its fertility increases.

How much vermicompost do you get?

The product weighs 1.5 kg.


100% Organic | Ready-to-use | Highly nutrient rich | Increases fertility of soil | Improves soil aeration

    How to use it?

     Add 1-2 tablespoons to the topsoil of your pot once a month. While repotting, add approximately 15-20% of your soil content. It can be mixed with soil, cocopeat, or even sand.