Pachira Money Tree Plant - Big
Pachira Money Tree Plant - Big

Pachira Money Tree Plant - Big

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Plant Properties Indoor Plant, Easy to care, Lucky, Pet-Friendly
Plant Type Foliage
Sunlight Care Indirect sunlight once a week
Water Care When the soil is completely dry
Know Your Plant: This plant often has slender trunks braided together and is good for low-light areas. It is fuss-free as well as beautiful. The leaves grow in sets of 5.
Soil Details: Made in-house by our expert Shashi, who has 30+ years of gardening experience. It contains all micronutrients required by your plant for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.
Pot Details: Yellow Color, High-quality Ceramic, Lightweight, Durable, Bottom Detachable Plate, Drainage hole at the bottom
Product Dimensions (Approx.) 15-20 inches * 10-12 inches  (H*W)
Pot: 4.25 * 4 inches  (H*W)
Placement: Ideal for tabletop or wall shelf
Will I receive the exact plant as shown in the picture?
Plant dimensions may vary 10-20% in size according to the season. There might be a slight difference in the size, shape, and finish of the planter as they are handcrafted.
What if I receive a damaged or dead plant?
We send you a free replacement of the product for you.
When should I fertilize my plant? When should I re-pot my plant? What to do about yellowing, browning, and drooping leaves?
Don't worry! We have got you covered. With every purchase, you automatically become a lifetime member of the Muddy Hands Plant Parent Club. You will receive a message from our expert on WhatsApp right after your purchase, where you can ask about all your plant problems and get an immediate response.