Neem Powder - 1.5kg
Neem Powder - 1.5kg

Neem Powder - 1.5kg

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Neem powder is a natural pesticide and organic fertilizer guaranteed to keep your plants safe from bugs and healthy-looking. It is obtained by pressing the fruits and kernels of the neem tree, thus making it eco-friendly, non-toxic and a truly natural product.

How much neem powder do you get?

The packet contains 1.5 kgs.


100% Organic | Ready-to-use | Increases fertility of soil | Keeps away pests | Natural N-P-K | Doesn't harm beneficial earthworms 

    How to use it?

    One way is to mix it with the soil when sowing or potting. Plough the soil deeply and mix the neem powder thoroughly while doing the same. This process will yield better results with the harvest. If you are not repotting, then sprinkle it on the soil around the plant but keep it away from the main stem. The recommended quantity is 25 grams for a 5-inch pot and 50 grams for a 7-8 inch pot, once every 2 months.