Eucharis Lily Bulbs - Pack of 5
Eucharis Lily Bulbs - Pack of 5

Eucharis Lily Bulbs - Pack of 5

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This set of bulbs has been curated with love by our plant expert Shashi who has 30+ years of experience in gardening. Plant these bulbs in your garden to add a fresh tinge of vibrant colors.

How many bulbs do you get?

The product is a set of 5 ready to plant bulbs. One bulb may give multiple flowers.


Gives Vibrant Colourful Flowers | Healthy Quality |  Ready-to-pot | Grows about 2 feet tall | Blooms between April-June

    How to grow it?

    The pot should have a drainage hole at the bottom. Add a base layer of pebble and sand. After that, add some soil into the pot, place the bulb at the centre of the pot, add more soil and water lightly. The soil should be filled leaving a 1-inch gap from the top.

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