Black Polished Pebbles - 2 kgs
Black Polished Pebbles - 2 kgs

Black Polished Pebbles - 2 kgs

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Get creative and make your plants stand out with these beautiful black pebbles. Revamp your garden with these easy-to-use pebbles in any way desired. The glossy finish of these pebbles is sure to catch eyes, no matter where. Use them in pots, vases, terrariums, or simply in your garden pathway to give your home a grand feeling. They also protect your soil from erosion and over-exposure to sunlight.

How many pebbles do you get?

The product weighs 2 kg. Each pebble is roughly 40mm - 60mm.


Prevents soil erosion from rain | Protects soil from overexposure to sunlight |  Add a splash of color to your garden | Helps in moisture retention of soil | Increase warmth of the soil

    How to use it?

    Spread the pebbles over the topsoil evenly without covering the entire surface area to allow the soil to breathe.