Dried Moss - 150 gms
Dried Moss - 150 gms

Dried Moss - 150 gms

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Dried moss is a natural soil conditioner to help improve your potting mix's water holding capacity and nutrient content. It is highly sterile, thus helping seeds in germination.

How much do you get?

The product weighs 150 gms.

Highlights of the product

100% Organic | Ready-to-use | Improves soil health | Increases water holding capacity | Long Lasting

    How to use it?

    Wet the moss in water for at least 10 minutes before use. It can be used as a top layer for retaining soil moisture in summers. You can use dry sphagnum moss in your regular potting soil mixture too. The dry moss will add to the moisture retention ability of the potting soil. You can use it to make moss sticks, terrariums, and kokedama.