Microgreens Part III - FAQs

Are all microgreens healthy?

The answer is ‘No’. There are exceptional cases in which microgreens turn out to be poisonous.They contain toxic substances in their stems which can make you ill. Some of the examples are: Tomato, Potato, Brinjal (Eggplant) & Peppers.

Are sprouts and microgreens same?

No, they are not. First, let’s talk about sprouts. You must have seen white thread-like structures coming out of the gram if you’ve ever soaked them in water to eat for nutritional purposes. These are sprouts. Both sprouts and microgreens are really tasty and full of nutritional packages. In the case of microgreens the seeds are sown in the soil whereas sprouts are soaked in water. Only the portion above the soil is consumed in case of microgreens, while for sprouts germination, the whole is consumed. 

Can the same soil be reused ?

We recommend you not to reuse the soil. Always use fresh soil for growing microgreens. When you are harvesting greens, you will notice all the broken stems and roots in the growing tray, the roots are difficult to untangle, also the chances of fungal contamination are more in reused soil. You can use the soil for making compost instead. If you are still planning to reuse the soil, then sterilize it first in a pressure cooker steam, but again it’s a long procedure as you’d have to separate all the roots and stems from the soil. After sterilization, mix vermicompost or compost in the soil before use. 

Happy growing,
Shalini Sharma & Shashi Agarwal


  • Team Muddy Hands

    Hi Nishi,
    Microgreens can be harvested only once from one set of seeds.

  • Nishi Gupta

    Can a set of seeds be harvested only once or multiple harvest can be takensince we are cutting it few mm from soil.

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